Friday, June 15, 2012

The Narrow Path

Today the word at Lisa-Jo's is  PATH


This is the path I'd choose Lord
if I might be so bold
just look at the flowers
and the hills in the distance
and the trees
the trees are lovely.

It's the one all the others are walking
you know the ones Father
they shine bright and do things well
everyone admires them
It seems they walk it effortlessly
I just want to be one of them
walking in the sunshine

You point me to another
the one that seems so narrow
weeds growing down the center
the one hardly anyone else is walking
It is so quiet
and no one sees the journey
But you beckon
and I cannot turn away

There is one up ahead
who has lost her footing
and You urge me on
You take my hand
and join it to hers
together we walk the shadowed path
and the sunshine
streams through the branches
bringing warmth and light.


I'm joining the community gathered here today: