Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quilts and Me

I love quilts. They say everything my heart believes about home. They are created in the heart and brought to life by loving hands. They are works of art, and they are warm and cozy. They don't have to be perfect (in fact, my Mom has told me that the Amish women deliberately put an imperfection in every quilt they make - their way of saying there is no one perfect except our Jesus) - because they are perfect in the eyes of those privileged to cuddle up underneath one.

I aspire to be a quilter. I even made a sampler quilt a few years ago. It took me forever. I did it all by hand. I sometimes look at it and can't believe I actually did it. Now I am ready to take it up again. This time I will do some of the quilting by machine - a huge leap for me. The sewing machine and I are not friends. I love all sorts of handwork, but for some reason sewing just confounds me. I never can seem to get it right. But my dear friend Mary gave me a used sewing machine, and it seemed time to give it another try.

I took the little nine patch squares my Mom had hand-sewn and didn't have a use for (she's amazing like that), cut out white squares and actually sewed them together....on the sewing machine! There was one moment when I threw the instruction book across the table, but we won't dwell on that.

I did it! You see here my little pieced quilt top. It is far from perfect, but I love it. It is my very favorite sort of quilt - all those colorful little squares. It is just a tiny one, but it will serve well. I will find the perfect place for it, and it will be a sweet little blessing.

Perhaps I am a little bit like my quilt. The Father has made me with an artistic, creative touch unmatched in all the world. He put all the pieces of me together (even the parts no one can see) and was delighted. He had a specific place in mind for me - one where I would fit just right and be a blessing to those He brought into my life. I may not look perfect to those around me, but in His eyes - the one's that see me through the prism of His perfect Son - I am.

And so are you. You, His perfectly designed creation, are precious in His eyes. He loves you and longs to gather you into His great arms of love and use you in ways you cannot imagine. Little ways; big ways; ways that the world will applaud; ways that will never be seen except by a few; ways unique and colorful and warm. You have been created by One who never makes mistakes. You are His gift to the world.


P.S. I still have to put the quilt top, batting and backing together. I'm off to Mom's tomorrow for a refresher course.