Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Change

We have been delighted to have two of the most beautiful, talented, sweet......well you know, Granddaughters here for the past couple of days. No writing - just luxuriating in all the joy.

I do have a little "programming note" of sorts. I've switched my comment format back to blogger from disqus. In the process, I lost all the comments from the time I began using disqus. However, if it allows all my friends to be recognized and lets them leave a comment - I am content.

I am sorry for my disloyal behavior dear blogger. I don't think I'll try to be fancy any more.



  1. I'll be here to visit no matter what!

  2. Well, you never know how good something is unless you try it out!

  3. Fancy or not, I still love you. :)

  4. i don't know my disqus from my elbow :-)

  5. LOL on Nance's comment!
    I agree with Christie--that's sometimes the only way we learn!
    Did you save any in your email box? That's where I'm notified of any and there are ones that I have saved under blogger friends---the ones that had special info or especially touched me.
    So glad you've had time with your granddaughters! Blessings, aren't they?!:>)

  6. I'm here. And Disqus loves me again, too. (Maybe I shouldn't say that too loud.)

    Enjoy those sweet things. Love you! xoxo

  7. How wonderful to have the joy of granddaughters visiting!!