Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Days Seeking God - Day 1

The Nester has challenged us to pick a topic and write about it for 31 days. I may be, as is often the case, biting off more than I can chew. I may, as is also often the case, fizzle long before I reach the finish line.

Nevertheless, I am going to try to write, for 31 straight days, about Seeking God. It is something that has resided in my heart for as long as I can remember - this desire to know Him more. I've read the books and chased after things others told me would bring Him close.

In the end I have found it is all so simple and so complex. The more I know Him, the more there is to know. When I think I have attained, I find I have only begun.

This then is a "scratching of the surface" from a seeker who has so very far to go. I will never plumb the depths of the One who holds creation in His hands and sees every heart, but He invites me in - more than willing to reveal Himself.

Perhaps you would like to take the journey with me. It is only a beginning, for this particular journey takes a life-time.

My heart beats quickly as I write these words. I am so small and He is so big. I can only share with you what He has shown me. I welcome your thoughts. I have so much to learn

"I have found God and still to pursue Him is the soul's paradox of love."
 A.W. Tozer


I will draw heavily from Tozer's life- changing book, " The Pursuit of God" and from the Word.

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