Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Busy tapping keys these days. The word count grows (23,454 to be exact), and the minutes trickle into the past.

I am thinking about His presence, the way He never moves. Once invited to take up residence in a heart, He enters with a promise to stay - forever.

Some days He luxuriates in the space provided. More often He is jostled and pushed aside by a myriad of things demanding first place. He graciously accepts apologies.

He waits. He has brought a lovely bouquet to the table, set a place - and He waits. He has a great many things He would like to share, but He waits.

When the dust of activity settles and the clamor stills, He is there. Just the mention of His name - a whisper; He is there. He hasn't moved. I take my seat and marvel at His presence. He gently smiles and says, "I've been waiting."



  1. He never leaves us! He is always there! PTL!

    Your writings always bless me- Marilyn Welch

  2. Lovely. Lovely. Congrats on the word count. :>)

  3. Oh wow... that word count is fantastic!! "I've been waiting"... oh what wonderful words to hear!

  4. He is probably in the words too.

  5. Glorious carnations, and thoughtful share.

  6. Such peace in knowing that He is always with us.