Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Busy tapping keys these days. The word count grows (23,454 to be exact), and the minutes trickle into the past.

I am thinking about His presence, the way He never moves. Once invited to take up residence in a heart, He enters with a promise to stay - forever.

Some days He luxuriates in the space provided. More often He is jostled and pushed aside by a myriad of things demanding first place. He graciously accepts apologies.

He waits. He has brought a lovely bouquet to the table, set a place - and He waits. He has a great many things He would like to share, but He waits.

When the dust of activity settles and the clamor stills, He is there. Just the mention of His name - a whisper; He is there. He hasn't moved. I take my seat and marvel at His presence. He gently smiles and says, "I've been waiting."