Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day Thirty-One

Day thirty-one. There were some days I felt like giving up, but here we are - the last day. For some reason I'm wiping away tears. I can't explain them.

I have loved writing about this God who is ever present, this Holy One who sits enthroned in the highest heaven and longs to hear my voice and hold me close. I confess, it is so much easier to write the words than to live them out. Forgive me Father. How can it possibly be true?

Why do I choose other things over You? Why is it so hard to stop caring about the way others see me and be satisfied with Your tender look of love? Why, when you reach out to me do I turn the other way and pursue those other gods - the ones I've let take up residence in the place that is rightfully Yours? Why do I find it difficult to trust - to come to You with open hands and let You take what You must and give what is best? Why, when I have been given priceless treasure do I settle for cheap imitations? And why, after all those things, do You love me so passionately?

I let the questions roll down my cheeks and know that this journey can never end. It reaches to the end of my days and then into eternity.

It is a bit of a conundrum this seeking after God - for He wants desperately to be found. It is that thought that brings the tears. The tenderness, the love, the longing of a Father who spared nothing that we might find Him. From this thirty-one days I take a longing to love Him well, to drink deeply, trust fully, walk ever mindful that He is always with me. I pray it is the same for you. He loves you.



  1. Oh it sure is a journey that never ends. I have so enjoyed your 31 day series. I love seeing the way you love Him. Your words have encouraged me and brought joy to me this month! Thank you sweet friend!

  2. Yes...our journey never ends...well done Linda...I have been blessed here for the past 31 days...and I know I will continue to be...just maybe not at this pace:)...congrats on finishing this feat...take a deep breathe and relax in Him~

  3. thank you, Linda. Much love to you.

  4. Your transparency echoes the cry of our hearts for freedom from this sullied domain. How we long for home.

    You are precious and such a blessing in the Kingdom. I am sure the Father weeps along with you for the state of mankind with so much to misguide us here. How we long for and need a move of his spirit to awaken the lost and the cynical.

    Lord, use us as your voice, your arms, your smiles, and let us project your nature and your message of hope to a needy world. Empty us of self and fill us to overflowing with yourself! Amen.