Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Intentions of the Heart

So we set our hearts to follow hard after God and before the day is two hours old, we've blown it. What then? Will He somehow hold Himself aloof - pull away and become cool and distant? Hear what Tozer says:

"The man of God set his heart to exalt God above all; God accepted his intention as fact and acted accordingly. Not perfection, but holy intention made the difference."

God looks beneath the surface to the heart of things and knows our intentions. He understands our weakness and with great grace and mercy accepts us right where we are. We do not have to be perfect to know His presence in our lives. He honors our choice and our efforts to exalt Him above everything and everyone else. Everything He allows into our lives is directed toward making us all we desire to be.

"The position (to exalt God) is one not easy to take. The mind may approve it while not having the consent of the will to put it into effect....The whole man must make the decision before the heart can know any real satisfaction. God wants us all...."