Saturday, October 27, 2012

Seek Him - Days 27 & 28

"Let the first act on waking be to place yourself, you heart, mind, faculties, your whole being, in God's hands. Ask Him to take entire possession of you, to be the Guide of your soul, your Life, your Wisdom, your Strength. He wills that we seek Him in all our needs, that we may both know Him truly, and draw closer and closer to Him and in prayer we gain an invisible force which will triumph over seemingly hopeless difficulties."
Henrietta Sidney Lear (1824-1896)

Joining dear friends Sandy and Deidra:



  1. That is a wonderful quote, Linda! And I love the pretty photo! :)

  2. Hi Linda!
    I just passed along your mom's rhubarb cake recipe!
    I may be making that recipe with some frozen rhubarb...
    I'll bet we have some fresh stalks still popping up in our garden too.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my last post. It's been such a busy summer and fall. I have been kind of out of the blogging "loop" for a while. I miss being here ~
    My father is living here for a while {no set time... he can have all the time he needs}. He is recovering from a car accident he had. His car was totaled and he is healing well. He mostly had facial bruising and a shoulder injury that is healing day by day. I am glad he won't be driving again... He is 88 and has some "funny" driving habits...that aren't so funny!
    Seeking God in all of our needs is the way this life stays on course and where Joy can flourish.
    Thank you for this life-giving advise, Linda! I need this encouragement!
    God bless you always,
    ps. How is your writing going?