Wednesday, October 3, 2012


" For everyone who asks, receives; and he who seeks, finds; and to him who knocks, it will be opened."
  Luke 11:10

Have you ever been on the outside looking in? It is a lonely, desolate sort of place. Everyone and everything you want to be a part of is just out of reach. Try as you might, no one stops long enough to even notice you standing there - certainly not that one you so admire and would desperately like to call friend. 

There is a place where everything one could ever want or need in the way of true riches is open to anyone who comes seeking. The One who rules over this kingdom is so far above us, we can hardly imagine He would invite us in. He is rich beyond our wildest imaginings, wise beyond our knowing,and more powerful than anyone or anything. He loves lavishly and unconditionally - and He is perfect. 

To our utter astonishment He extends an open invitation to come. Come not only into a place of eternal riches, but come and know Me. "We have all the time in the world to get to know one another," He says. "In fact, we have a life-time and forever." 

There is not one seeker with a true heart who will be left standing on the outside looking in. He is no respecter of persons. He stands with arms open wide longing to draw us in. He waits.

We are only three days into this journey and already we have come smack up against one of those "mysteries" tucked into the pages of scripture. You know - the ones we love to discuss over and over again,  only to walk away without a definitive answer. 

How is it that we are chosen and yet we have the assurance that whoever who seeks finds? Predestined or chosen?
We'll talk a little bit about it tomorrow.



  1. I look forward to talking more about this tomorrow. It's my understanding that we are chosen to seek...that we don't even want to look for Him had we not been predestined to do so.

    I needed this today, Linda. I think we've all felt left-out in various stages of our lives, but I've been surprised to have felt this way in this "mature" season in which I live...but I do. The good news is that feeling left-out forces me to make a choice - am I going to fall into self-pity {my default mode} or am I going to fall into God's hands where I belong and know that I've never been left-out of the truths and promises of His word. xoxox

  2. Hi Linda, I followed your link from Jennifer's Getting Down With Jesus. I love this: There is not one seeker with a true heart who will be left standing on the outside looking in. Looking forward to more of your thoughts.