Friday, November 30, 2012


Our word for this Five Minute Friday is:


When I was a young girl, the wonder of Christmas came wrapped in colorful paper tied with pretty ribbon,  stockings hanging limply from the fireplace mantle, tins filled with Christmas cookies, carols and  candlelight and most of all Santa Claus. The wonder of gifts tumbling over themselves under the tree and stockings filled with all sorts of little delights made sleep a total impossibility. I was so taken with the wonder of it all.

These days there is a different kind of wonder. The wonder of a gift given with such all encompassing love. A gift whose wrapping was marred by the dirt and dust of a stable; a gift more precious than any ever given and unnoticed by nearly all the world; a gift simply and humbly placed where any heart can find it and make it its own. And the miraculous wonder, that it is mine.


I'm joining the Five Minute Friday community at Lisa Jo's. Won't you come?

Five Minute Friday