Monday, December 10, 2012

Laying It At His Feet

He comes with gentle words, spoken by those I dearly love, knowing my need of encouragement.
He comes with infinite patience, never reminding me of the infinite number of times we've walked this path.
He comes with love, ever mindful of my neediness.
He comes with grace, knowing my weakness.
He comes with wisdom, knowing how prone I am to foolishness.
He comes with hope, for making all things new.

In this season of giving gifts, He places in our hands the gift of gifts. The gift itself, wrapped in the body of a tiny infant, contains every good and perfect gift. They flow from Him to each of us - every one unique, every one of infinite value. No one, not one single one, is left standing with empty hands.

Perhaps we look down at the gift and wonder at its smallness. He waits, knowing He can make something grand of it - if we will offer it back to Him. For grandness takes on new meaning in His kingdom. It is not measured in numbers or comparisons. It is measured in love and gratitude and obedience.

The words of a song keep echoing in my heart:

"Such a tiny offering compared to Calvary, nevertheless we lay it at Your feet."
 MercyMe - "God With Us"

I come here with my tiny offering and lay it at His feet.

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement dear friends.