Wednesday, December 19, 2012


A few weeks ago one of our neighbors was robbed. Someone broke into their home, the place where they felt safe and secure, and stole some precious things. Suddenly nothing in our peaceful, quiet neighborhood was as it had been. Our sense of security was shaken. Ironically, gates were locked, doors shut tight and alarm systems armed - the very things we had put our trust in and the very things that failed to keep one of us safe.

I had been thinking about security and what it means when the unthinkable happened in an elementary school classroom. All the right security measures were in place, and they failed.

It is, I think, the nature of the world we live in. The things we put our trust in prove to be so inadequate. Inadequate to protect and inadequate to satisfy. There is only one who meets every need. He came into this fragile world and turned it all upside-down. It is in our vulnerability we find safety. It is in our weakness we find strength. It is in Him, and Him alone, we find the security we long for.

He came and nothing has ever been the same. He gathers us into arms that once stretched the length of a wooden cross-beam and holds us, and all that is most dear to us, in perfect safety. Evil may do its worst, but it cannot take away the security we have in Him. He is eternal life and hope and peace.


The little Santa is a Christmas decoration from my childhood. He is old and faded, but somehow he is quite lovely.