Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I am a tiny part of a big Italian family. I have treasured memories of birthday parties when the rooms in my parents apartment seemed to bulge at the seams with Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, and cousins. Pasta was on the menu twice a week - every Wednesday and Sunday with sausage and meatballs and gravy (it is not called sauce in any self respecting Italian home!). Hugs and kisses all around coming and going. It was a joyful place to grow up.

There was one thing missing however - one vital thing. My Mom and Dad were the only Christians in the family. They stepped away from the religious legacy they had always known and began one of their very own. My Dad often speaks about a certain understanding that there was a God who cared deeply about him and got him safely through those terrible years of war, but He didn't really know Him.

Shortly after they were married they met a lovely lady who shared the gospel message with them. Together they opened their hearts to receive the Savior. From that moment they changed the course of my life as well as their own.

They do not have great worldly riches to pass on to the next generations of our family, but they have bequeathed to us a legacy that no amount of money can buy. They have seen their children walk in faith, watched with delight as the torch of faith passed to their grandchildren, and been blessed beyond measure to see great-grandchildren give their hearts to Jesus. We are heirs to great treasure.

It is a joy to see the way one life can change another and then another - to watch the brightly lit torch pass from one outstretched hand to the next.

We are not all called to do "great" things for the Father, but we are all called to share the great treasure He has lovingly placed in our hearts and hands. Just one small whisper, one kind deed, one sharing of the good news and He will make something great of it indeed.

The dear friend who shared the gospel with my Mom and Dad couldn't look through time and space and see a little girl, who will soon turn ten, open her heart to Jesus. She simply took what she had and shared it. We are indeed grateful.

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