Friday, March 1, 2013

Only Extraordinary

It's time for Five Minute Friday again. Today's word (one I have become quite familiar with):



I have found myself sighing deeply lately. Whenever I do, I remember Ma in the Little House books admonishing Laura when she heard her sighing. Apparently there is a wealth of words in a sigh.

For me it is a sighing out the weariness - the weariness of being ordinary. All around me I see others soaring to great heights - their gifts being used in miraculous ways to further God's kingdom. I sigh, confess the envy that is wont to creep in to this ordinary heart and whisper to Him that I'm tired of being ordinary.

Why this longing to "be somebody?" Why this yearning for something more; always something more. 

He whispers back that He doesn't make "ordinary." Everything He does is extraordinary - including the knitting together of me. What I perceive as ordinary will become extraordinary when I give it back to Him. 

He gently reminds me that in His eyes I am far more than ordinary. And really - it those eyes that matter most.


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