Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Minute Friday: View

Time for Five Minute Friday:

Five Minute Friday

This week's word is:

In my season of life, the view behind me stretches out far long than the view ahead. I have lived the greater portion of my life. I have a tendency to turn around - to view with critical eyes the days that I have already walked through. The Father has, in recent months, placed a gentle hands on my shoulders and begun a process of pivoting me around to face front.

However, He doesn't seem to want to give me eyes to see into the distance. Instead, He calls me to focus on this one day - and to see Him in the very center of it all. There are so many frightening possibilities in that long view. There are elderly parents. there are health issues with potential for great suffering. There are adult children and grandchildren whose lives are so precious to us.

"None of that," He whispers. He reminds me that He is the author of those days. He sees them; He holds them; He will give grace and strength to walk into and through them.

He reminds me, too, that He is a got of miraculous surprises. My view is so limited. His is so far-reaching. So I step slowly into this day and shorten my view to cherish the up close blessings He has woven into this one.



  1. Linda,

    What a special post! A blessing from God to read your present view--especially the perspective God has given you in THIS season of life. Amen to everything you wrote. Praise God for the godly example for women He's setting through you.

    Lord, I pray you will delight Linda with a unique blessing to cherish in her view of today. In Jesus' name, Amen.

    Love in Christ,

    Shannon Cochran

  2. This blessed me, so beautiful.

  3. Love this Linda! I find I too tend to look way past the today I should be focused on and that just brings worry. Thanks for the reminder to just view today and trust Him with His long range view.

  4. Dear Linda
    We might not know what the future holds for us, but we do know the One who holds not only us, but also our futures in His hands! What an assurance.
    Much love from FMF

  5. i like that view of yellow flowers :-)