Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weight and Other Stuff

Just a few more words about dieting, and then I think I'll quietly go about the business of eating less. I would love it if we could connect every now and then and share the struggles and triumphs. It always helps to have company on the journey.

I'm not sure what the underlying cause of my overeating is. I sometimes think it is the one thing I feel I can indulge in with impunity. This "good girl" has always tried desperately to do what pleases everyone else, but in this area - I can do as I please without hurting another soul (except me, of course).

I know it isn't pleasing to the Lord when anything is out of balance in my life, yet I somehow grab onto grace with all my might, asking for forgiveness and promising to do better - tomorrow, or next Monday, or the first of next month. I have managed to convince myself it isn't a really "big" sin, knowing all the while sin is sin. It isn't measured in degrees.

I'd heard other people say they pray about what they will eat. It sounded like an excellent idea, but I've avoided implementing it knowing once I took that step there really was no more room for my usual list of excuses or good intentions.

When I read that verse(,I Cor. 10:31) I felt a bit as though the Father sat me down and said it was time to deal with this. There, in plain English, was His thought on the matter. Ignoring it was no longer an option.

I hesitantly put one toe over the line, and I knew there was no turning back. I don't mean to say I will never eat another piece of chocolate or have a day when I fall back into old habits. I mean to say I want to walk in obedience to what I believe the Father has asked of me. That's serious business.

He asks it because it's what is best for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which is my health. I find if I talk things over with Him first, I can't comfortably drag out the bag of chips at ten o'clock at night just because I feel like something salty (not because I'm the least bit hungry).

I'll be delighted to lose weight, but I think there is something much more life-changing at stake here. It's time.

Can't have a post without pictures! Isn't this gorgeous? I stepped out onto the front porch last evening and there it was. Glorious!

I'm going to report on myself next Monday. If you'd like to join me, I'm putting out the welcome mat.  Perhaps it isn't food you struggle with. Anything that feels as though it is out of balance in your life will do. We can encourage and pray for one another.