Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Journey to Trust - The Crooked Oak - Day 30

The land we purchased for our new home had been neglected for many years. The entire five acres was covered with cedar so thick and tall you couldn't see the Oaks. We hired a man who came in with a big machine and worked for days, clearing the land and freeing the oaks to flourish and reach toward the heavens.

We carefully preserved every single one without question, except for that one. It was scrawny and tilted nearly sideways. We debated its fate. It would never grow straight, but I couldn't bear the thought of cutting it down. I looked at it and thought of myself - so flawed and yet so loved by the One who breathes life into my soul. I wanted it to live - just the way it was. I wanted it to stretch heavenward as best it could and grow strong.

There are some majestic oaks on our land. I believe some were here long before I ever drew breath.  They are beautiful. But I love this one best of all. I may (no, I do) have an over-developed imagination, but I believe that little tree trusted us. We gave it room and light and helped it to grow into the best oak it could be - no matter its posture.

And here comes the obvious analogy: I have learned to trust the One who gives me everything for an abundant life. He isn't one bit concerned with my outward appearance. He loves me, He loves you, and will do everything to see that you are all He created you to be.

He simply longs for us to trust Him.

It has become the well-spring of my life, out of which everything else flows.


P.S. Don't you just love the little pump house my husband built :)