Saturday, October 26, 2013

Journey to Trust - Trust In the Ordinary - Day 26

I managed twenty-four days of writing and then yesterday.....yesterday was one of those "living it out" days. It didn't go according to plan.

It seems there are life-changing lessons to be learned in the "big" moments of our lives, but inevitably the time comes when they must also be lived out in the day to day. Perhaps those are the times it is just a tad more difficult.

I take my life and place it in His hands, and then the day doesn't go as planned. Before I can even form a thought, I fall back into the old pattern. I fret about not getting to do the things I wanted to do. I throw a little pity party for my big self, grumbling just under my breath, "Why can't I ever have a day to do the things I want to do? It never fails. My one free day and it's gone." It goes something like that.

The whole notion of surrender and trust dies a silent death, and I pick up the reins of my life and grumble and complain.

He whispers, "Trust Me. I have a good plan for today."

So I drag my feet and take the unexpected path, grudgingly giving the time to Him. It turns out, it really was a good plan, filled with unexpected blessing. I am discovering it always is. In fact my plan, the one where I had a leisurely day to my own thing, pales in comparison.

And today......there's time to do those things I thought so important.

I'm learning, ever so slowly, to trust Him in all things. He is faithful even in the small moments of my life. He is forever working for my good, and He never complains about the hard work I make of it. He doesn't stand with folded arms tapping his foot impatiently because He has bigger and better things to do. He doesn't walk away in disgust when I operate on the "repeat cycle" of my life. He has infinite patience.

I am so thankful. He brings joy in the places where I least expect it and gives life a richness money can't buy.
"Trust Me," He says. Because He knows things I cannot fathom and sees things I cannot see. He is so very good.