Friday, November 1, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Grace - A Gift to Mom's

Time for Five Minute Friday. Today Lisa-Jo has chosen:


If I could wrap up one big gift and give it to every Mom who is struggling right now under a load of guilt for what she fears is her lack of child-rearing skills it would be this"


I come with lines and wrinkles and saggy "stuff" to offer this one gift to you. It is really not from me. It comes from the hands of the Father who loves you and whispers grace into your every day minutes. 

I remember talking on the phone to my Mom (who I called not once but several times a day in those early weeks) holding my newborn son in my arms and wailing about how hard it all was. She listened and then said, "When he's three months old, it will be a lot easier."

My thought was:
"I won't live that long."

But I did, and it did get easier. However, it was never easy. There was too much yelling and too many mistakes and so much - so very much - to regret. Some days I thought at the very least they would grow up with a boat load of problems, or, at worst, they would never speak to me again.

I didn't count on grace. Somehow the perfect Father stepped in and filled those gaping holes with a measure of grace that astounds me. So I speak to you from six decades of living and offer grace. Of course we try to do our best, but we are not perfect. We are learning even as we try desperately to nurture those precious human beings entrusted to our care. There will be mistakes. Mine were huge.

But grace gave me this:

 And this - Joy I never expected.


Please join us at Lisa-Jo's today. You will be blessed.

 Five Minute Friday

Love to you,