Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Tree

I can see them from my place at the kitchen table. The one my husband fashioned from huge slabs of pine that once stood tall on a mountainside in Vermont. Sometimes a bird will soar high and land on the highest branch. It must be a spectacular view.

I watch the ancient oaks sway gently in the wind and wonder how long they have maintained their vigil over this land we've come to love. Were there others who dreamed dreams under the outstretched limbs? Or did they grow unobserved from tiny acorns, huddled together against the winds and the rain?

There are days the wind comes screeching down from the north. It is a violent force, and I watch, holding my breath for fear they will fall. But they stand strong bending low to the ground and rising again, gathering strength to weather the next blow.

It is their roots, I think. They go down deep. When everything else succumbed to the years of drought, they remained, pushing down, down to find moisture in the hidden depths.

For weeks they have been dropping their fruit on the ground - dozens and dozens of acorns litter the grass around them. If I stand quietly, I hear them fall - filled with the promise of life. The giants stand unconcerned. They have fulfilled their purpose. The seeds are now in the hands of Someone else.

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