Monday, November 25, 2013

Sensory Overload

Is there such a thing as sensory overload? Because if there is, I seem to be suffering from it. I haven't written for days, which is perplexing. There is so much happening in my life right now, I should be posting several times a day. But the words are buried underneath feelings I can barely manage to process.

Our daughter is home. There is laughter and joy, remember whens and deep talk. Tears and hugs and longing for those elusive words of comfort that somehow sound so hollow. So I am quiet. Praying for wisdom.

The holiday season is here. My favorite time of year. There is even a definite chill in the air and fires in the fireplace - oh the joy! Plans for baking and shopping and quiet evenings. The anticipation of the family all gathered together. The wonder of His coming.

There are hopes and disappointments. The miracle of answered prayer. The thankful heartbeat of the season as I look at the faces of those I love so dearly.

In the midst of all of that, the every day, mundane things insert themselves. They have a tendency to whisper "Hurry up!" If I'm not careful, the days will flow by unseen as I frantically spin in a whirlpool of "stuff."

Yesterday, I stood at the stove preparing breakfast. Quietly, and without invitation, a gentle hush fell over my spirit. I inhaled peace and exhaled anxiety. "See," He whispered. "I am your peace."

It is as familiar as "Jesus Loves Me." He offers to take my "doing" and give me peace. In the midst of all the necessary, He comes. In the turmoil of too much to do, He gives rest. This coming Prince of Peace. 

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