Sunday, December 1, 2013

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, in a desolate land, there lived a king. No one knows precisely when he settled in that place or even how he came to be. He just was.

The king was wiser and more powerful than any other king. He possessed great riches and could have lived anywhere his heart desired. Yet he had chosen this poor place to make his dwelling.

The king had a son whom he loved very much. One day, as they walked together down a dusty path, the king spoke to his boy. He told him of a dream - a dream to make their empty land into a paradise.

When everything was ready, they would bring every kind of living creature into the newly created kingdom. And then, best of all, they would invite others to come and share the beauty and wonder of their new home. For although they loved each other dearly, they were sometimes lonely.

He possessed the power and riches to make the dream come true, but being a wise king, he also knew there could be trouble. He spoke plainly to his son. He wanted him to know of his concerns. They talked for a long time. Then the king looked into the innocent eyes of his son and asked if he was willing to go ahead with the plan.

The son threw himself into the arms of his gentle father. Wrapped in the warmth of  a love he had known all his life, he said he was willing. Wiping tears from his cheeks, the father held him tightly.

They would begin at once.

To be continued