Monday, January 13, 2014

My "Resolution"

I am not good at keeping resolutions - no matter what the season. The very thought seems to set me on a collision course with failure. I have long lamented my lack of self-control. It is an on-going matter of prayer - and confession - and prayer.

I've been reading all the wonderful posts about choosing words for the year (I've done that too.), setting goals for healthful dieting, beginning exercise programs and so much more. Really good things.

And yet…even as I read them, I get this sinking feeling right in the pit of my stomach - discouraged before I even begin. I'm weary of the trying.

Over the past several months the Lord has been gently impressing something on my heart. Instead of the trying, suppose I pray without ceasing - an on-going conversation with Him. Moment by moment listening for His voice and then walking in obedience.

How do I spend this one moment Lord?

When the nest is empty, and there is "we two" together all the time, it is difficult to (for me anyway) to adhere to a schedule. It seems the children anchored my days - shaping them into a consistent pattern. These days - the hours fill with unexpected things - and I am never sure from one day to the next what the schedule will be.

So…moment by moment keeps resentment at bay. When my plans are scuttled because an elderly parent needs help, I can listen for His voice and know that it is good. When doctor appointments fill the calendar squares, I can rest in Him and know the things I long to do will wait. When the walk gets postponed time and time again, I know there will be other days.

I know this "plan" may seem rather unambitious and a bit lazy and perhaps it is. As with so many other things I've "declared," I may be back in a few months to say, "You know that moment by moment thing?" I hope not. My prayer is that my moments will be used wisely, that I will truly listen to His voice and do what He says.



SimplyDarlene said...

Me too… weary of the trying.

Even though I didn't pick a word, I did choose a song… ;-)


SimplyDarlene said...

Me too… weary of the trying.

Even though I didn't pick a word, I did choose a song… ;-)


Anonymous said...

sounds like some pretty good thoughts to me.

Sandra Heska King said...

All the trying is so very trying. I like the thought of trying on this alternate plan. xo

Nancy said...

I haven't written about it yet, but I think my word for this year is going to be steadfast--as in the Lord's steadfast love for me. Because that's a word I can rest in instead of resolving to do.

I think this weary world needs more souls like you, Linda, willing to listen moment-by-moment for the Spirit's promptings, and then do.

Anonymous said...

I love this...and I do think age does help to live more moment to moment...through a long bout with an illness ...and age and God working in my heart...I can live more in these moment get up and say...well Abba...what do we have today?'s not that I don't make plans now ...but now my plans have very fluid lines instead of ridged ones...and this was tested this very morningšŸ˜‰...

diana said...

Best.Resolution.Ever. I so get this, Linda - oh, yeah, I get this! May you be blessed in the moments, dear Linda. Thanks for this goodness today.

Dea Moore said...

I just have a word, not a resolution but with Dad's daily routine of appointments etc, moment by moment seems to be the rule of the day and something I need to embrace as well.

Teena said...

me too.... weary of the trying. I do have a word. HOPE. I need that word. God has already shown me. Some days the PEACE is so much that I think .... "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" and the next day..... I can't seem to find that PEACE... but it is there. Moment by moment here too. With my husband being at home now for years due to disability... my plans get changed in a moment. I have to just let His peace flow over me. Thank you for your words. Very much needed.