Friday, April 25, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Friend

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday : Friend


I didn't actually rebel when I was in my teens. I was much too much of a "good girl" for that. However, I will confess to having conversations in which I challenged the wisdom of my Mom. According to the scale of adolescent measurement, she just didn't measure up in the "with it" department.

Fast forward several years - a marriage and a newborn baby boy catapulted motherly wisdom to the top of the charts. She became more than a parent, she became my best friend. Never once did she complain about the daily early morning calls. I longed for wisdom and sound advice. She never once brought up those angst-filled years. Instead she patiently let me moan about my total inability to be the amazing wife and mother of my dreams.

A deep friendship was forged during those years. These days, this sixty-seven year old grandmother still calls her ninety year old Mom when life gets more than she can handle. But it isn't only the desperate moments. I love the long, leisurely conversations over tea and freshly baked cookies. We laugh and cry together and struggle to make sense of life's mysteries.

To the Mom's who are struggling with the inevitable difficulties of raising those precious ones we love but sometimes want to tear our hair out over. There is hope! Very often they turn out to be our very best friends.

P.S. I think my own daughter thinks I have a tad more wisdom now than I did when she was 16 :)

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