Friday, May 30, 2014

Eight Things I Learned in May

I'm joining Emily today at Chatting At the Sky to share what I learned in May:

1. Even the birds can't tell the flowers in my hanging planters are fake. For the second spring in a row, Mr. and Mrs. Discerning Cardinal have built their nest right outside our windows.  This year they chose the second planter, which is by the living room window and is more peaceful and relaxing than the one by the busy kitchen window (right over the sink).

2. If you don't get around to washing your windows (even though you say every week, "I really have to get those windows washed."), it will become apparent when you take pictures of nesting birds.


3. When you aren't looking, those little grand-babies will do this. 

4. And one of them will even have the nerve to graduate from college fifteen minutes after she learned to walk!

5. Your son, the one who just a seemingly short while ago was a teenager and hoping to get a date with that cute redhead, will suddenly be a grownup husband and father. You will wipe away the tears and whisper a prayer of thanks.

6. Dreams don't come true by magic. It takes hard work. It also takes encouragement and help from friends who know things and have the kindest of hearts.Thank you Ann - with all my heart. 

7. If you manage to gain seven pounds over the winter months, your summer clothes will not somehow magically fit when May rolls around (rolls being the operative word).

8. When seven little ladies get together every week to pray, God does miraculous things. We watch in absolute amazement as He faithfully answers prayer in ways we had hardly dared to imagine. We also keep a little box of tissues in the middle of the table.

Have you learned a thing or two in May? Come share them over to Emily's place. It's fun!