Monday, August 11, 2014

A Miracle

This morning Mark Batterson, in his book Draw the Circle, reminded me:

     "When God answers a prayer, no matter how big or how small, w need to share it. …When we share a testimony, we are loaning our faith to others. When we listen to a testimony, we are borrowing faith from others. Either way, the church is edified and God is glorified."

There is a personal testimony I haven't shared with you. One which is nothing short of a miracle. Please forgive my omission. This is something you just might need to hear.

My Dad is ninety-four years old. Five years ago his kidneys failed, and he began dialysis. Three days a week, every week, he had to go to the clinic for a 3 1/2 hour treatment. The treatments left him weak and drained. By the time he recovered, it was time to go back to the clinic for the next treatment.

I will whisper this part to you, because it isn't something I'm proud of. I prayed off and on for healing for him, but residing in a deep corner of my heart was the thought that he was probably too old for such a thing. Perhaps a prayer for strength and grace was more appropriate.

Two months ago my Dad paid his last visit to the clinic. Not because he was no longer able - not at all. HE WAS HEALED! Much to the amazement of his urologist, those old kidneys began to function again. Just like that. A miracle.

It has changed the way I pray. Truly, there is nothing too difficult for our God. Of course, I knew that all along, but I didn't pray or believe like I knew it. I'm afraid, for me, far too often my faith doesn't match my words.

I am blessed to meet with a small group of women every thursday. We sit around a small table, and we pray. We are just a half dozen little ladies, but we are learning to pray bold prayers because we are witnessing our God do amazing things.

I have always struggled with prayer, but in this late season of my life I have finally understood what a precious gift it is. I, this flawed, marred vessel, touch the heart of God, and He hears and answers. In the process, He draws me close. Miracle - not so much the asking and receiving - the relationship with the living God.

Do you have a testimony to share - something that will encourage someone else? Let's talk about prayer.