Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Some Things I Learned in 2014

I'm joining Emily's link-up at her blog - Chatting At the Sky - today. She's providing a lovely space where we can share the things we've learned in 2014.  Here we go:

1. No matter how old you are (and I'm plenty old!), life still has a way of surprising you.

2. It's possible, on the next to the last day of the year, to still be talking about losing the ten pounds you resolved to lose on the very first day of the year.

3. I really can write a whole book.

4. Rejection of said book hurts just as much as they said it would.  sigh….

5. If you blink too long, your first grandchild will graduate from college, get a great job and bring her boyfriend to visit. (As in - where does the time go?)

6. In the spring, the cardinals who built a nest in the fake hanging plant on the front porch last year, will return and do it all over again.  And we will get to watch the miracle from our kitchen window.

7. Having to move elderly parents into Assisted Living is just plain hard.

8. I, the one with the reputation for killing everything that grows, can actually have a sweet little flower garden.

9. It really is okay to let your naturally curly hair be its own "person." The blow dryer and flat iron are officially retired. Feels like freedom!

10. I am increasingly disenchanted with the internet. I want to reclaim those hours and do the things I've always loved to do but which have been crowded out by time spent in front of one screen or another.

11. Having said the above, I find the friendships I've made on-line become more precious with every passing year. So - the need to find balance.

12. I have always been a rather naive, trusting sole - but I have learned the difficult lesson that not everyone is to be taken at their word.

13. Having learned the above lesson, I've also learned that sometimes we just have to do the hard thing.  That in and of itself can make for sleepless nights and excessive worry.

14. Which leads to the next thing I've learned - the biggest lesson of the year. When you come to the end of yourself (with all the worrying and futile planning and grasping for control), God is faithful. I discovered a wonderful truth as I finally let go and placed everything into His hands. He gives peace - just as He promised.

15. When you trust God and stand on His promises - He delivers. He delivers in ways you could never have imagined. He is good.

16. The testimony of a changed life is the most eloquent sermon one could ever preach.

Would you like to share what you learned this past year? Come on over to Emily's. I'll meet you there.