Saturday, March 14, 2015

Encouraging Words For the Weekend

"Don't let me miss all the glory around me
 waiting for Heaven some day to come;
 Open my eyes to miraculous Mondays
 And make my feet march to eternity's drum.

 Don't let me wait for some far-off forever,
 to say what I feel to the ones I hold dear,
 risking the pain and the joys of loving;
 keep me awake and alive while I'm here!
 Help me to see in this moment my "calling,"
 don't let me wait for some "field far away"
 cries in my street, lives that are broken,
 Lord, let me see them and touch them today1

 Fully alive in Your Spirit
 Lord make me fully alive!
 Fully aware of Your presence Lord,
 Totally, fully alive!"

Bill and Gloria Gaither

Praying your moments will be filled with the glory of His presence,