Monday, March 23, 2015

Everything In Its Time

Almost imperceptibly the seasons change, winter's biting winds giving way to spring's gentle breezes. And yet, it seems, everything is made new in the blink of an eye. One morning we wake to find patches of brilliantly colored wild flowers scattered across fields of green where just yesterday everything looked dead and brown. Bare branches have sprouted tiny green leaves. And how to describe that particular shade of green. Every spring I search my mind for just the perfect word. Tender, fresh, pale, newborn - nothing will do.

Against this backdrop of new life stand the live oaks. No delicate leaves grace their branches. Instead, the glossy green leaves have turned brown and are carried to the ground by the gentlest of breezes. It is not their finest hour.

They must wait. In due time, when the old leaves are gone, light green tassels will push their way out. Soon the leaves will follow. They will be beautiful - in their time.

It would be easy to lose hope or at the very least feel envious when everything (or everyone) around you is thriving and growing and full of beauty. It's easy to become discouraged when it feels like everything you've dreamed of or worked for lies dead at your feet.

But there is every reason to hope, because in spite of what it looks like something miraculous is taking place - something not visible to the human eye. Deep inside, just below the surface, new life is waiting to burst forth. It takes time, and not everything (or everyone) will bloom at the same moment.

But when they do - it will be glorious.