Thursday, May 21, 2015


The earth orbited the sun five times as we prayed for an end of the drought – over 1825 days. Summer after summer we gazed into a cloudless sky, shielding our eyes from the fiery sphere. We watched as the water levels shrank dramatically. Streams disappeared and a lake shriveled to a mere puddle.
Occasionally clouds would fill the sky and there was the blessed relief of rain. Hope filled the heart, followed by days and days of heat and shimmering skies. And we prayed.
This spring the rains have come. They have come in abundance, and we must be careful not to murmur about too many cloudy days, creeks overflowing the road and air so filled with humidity you could wring it out. No complaints. Our answer to prayer has come – washing away the memory of dusty, dry, brown and making everything fresh and new. The Lord never forgot. He never turned a deaf ear. He simply did things in His way and in His time…
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