Saturday, September 19, 2015

Encouraging Words For the Weekend

"O Thou,
 Whose stillness drowns
 earth's total noise -
 its grating sounds;
 of my frustration,
 the screaming silences
 the din
 of questions clamoring
 for their "why?"
 and "how"
 the rumblings
 of man's discontent,
 erupting hate,
 war's distant thunder
 rolling near,
 and everywhere
 the cries
 of fear
 that paralyzes
 as it grips…
 and near at hand
 a faucet drips.

 O Thou,
 Whose stillness drowns
 earth's total noise,
 only in Thee
 is stillness found…
 And I

Ruth Bell Graham - Sitting by my laughing fire...

I copied this from a book of Mrs. Graham's poetry published in 1977. Amazing the way things never really do change, and so comforting to know that neither does our Father. The same yesterday, today and forever.

Hope, in the middle of all the noise, you are able to find His stillness the weekend dear friends,

P.S. My apologies for yet another cloud picture. They sail across that brilliant blue sky every day, and I am captivated!