Thursday, September 3, 2015

Finish Well

My exercise of choice, after years of trying lots of other things, is walking. We live in a quiet sub-division, and it is a joy to walk around our neighborhood. However, when the calendar page flips to May I begin to number the days it will be comfortable to walk outside. By the time June arrives, I am looking for an alternate plan. 

Of course, I could get up a lot earlier and beat the heat, but ever since we entered that lovely season called retirement - getting up early isn't the option of choice.

There is a mall that isn't too far away. It's not a very popular mall, so there aren't a lot of people to dodge. It's a bit on the small side and not terribly interesting, but it does have one thing that makes it perfect - air conditioning. So on these hot, triple-digit summer days, we hop in the car and drive to the mall.

Since it isn't very big, we have to walk six complete circuits to get in our two miles. Now I must confess, I really don't like walking in the mall. It's boring. The same thing over and over again. I would much rather be outside breathing in fresh air, but - air conditioning.

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