Friday, March 18, 2016

Waiting With Hope

In the summer of 2014 my husband and I made the delightful trip to Fredricksburg to visit the Wildseed Farm. Not the best time of year for viewing wildflowers, but we love the ride. Besides, we had something else in mind. We wanted to buy seeds to start our own wildflower garden. We walked the grounds, browsed the store, and then purchased two large bags of seeds. One filled with Bluebonnet seeds, the other with a mix of wildflowers.

We waited patiently for fall to arrive. Late one afternoon we walked out into our front yard and scattered the seeds - praying the birds wouldn't make a feast of them. All through the winter months I though about those seeds, anticipating a beautiful field of Bluebonnets in the spring.

Our neighbors' yards began to fill with Bluebonnet blooms in the spring of 2015. One neighbor in particular had a virtual sea of blue extending from her front porch to the fence-line. I searched the area we had seeded, looking for even the tiniest bloom. Not a single one. I felt such disappointment. However, underneath all that disappointment was a faint glimmer of hope.

We didn't plant any seeds the following fall, and I didn't give the Bluebonnets much thought. We did get good rains that winter, and the people who keep track of such things told us the long drought was officially over.

The Bluebonnets and I are over at Laced With Grace today. We'd love it if you joined us there: