Tuesday, August 16, 2016

He Sees You

A photo by Anna Dziubinska. unsplash.com/photos/mVhd5QVlDWw

When the temperature hovers near one hundred for days on end, my husband and I take our walk from our neighborhood to the air conditioned mall. I much prefer the peace and beauty of our quiet streets, but I'm too lazy to get up before the sun.

It's a very modest mall, and we have to circle it quite a few times to get in a decent walk. It would get awfully boring - if it weren't for  the people. It's a wonderful mix of ages, races and personalities. Of course, I can only judge the personalty part by the outward appearance. That's where the trouble lies.

I can conjure up stories based simply on the clothes someone is wearing. There is one particular guy who we see frequently. He is very tall and, no matter what the weather, wears jeans, long-sleeved shirt, boots and a cowboy hat pulled way down. He seems to know all the store employees, stopping by every open door to chat. In my mind, I refer to him as the creepy cowboy. I've imagines all sorts of dark stories involving a tall, dark figure stalking  people in the mall. In reality, he's probably just a nice guy who likes people…

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