Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Decorating by Linda - Part 3

Hope you all had a good Labor Day weekend. The movie was great! We joined a whole theater full of families and older folks like us and watched "Greater." Everyone applauded when the credits rolled. Yes - it was that good.

Now we can finish up the house tour (I know you've been waiting with great anticipation). Let's move into the living room.

Two little chairs grace either side of the fireplace. The first is the little white chair - the one from my Mom's childhood. I remember when it was painted a pale yellow many years ago. It's part of the family.

The other is the rocking chair I had when I was a little girl. It has happily rocked several generations of little ones. These days the little Amish doll with her pretty quilt (Mom's handiwork again) rocks gently in the sunlight.

This little painting sits on a table just inside the front door. My husband's Uncle Les is the artist. We miss him and his corny, wonderful jokes.

My Aunt Josie painted this when she was well into her seventies. She decided to do a little something with her spare time. My only regret is she didn't sign it. I love it. It brightens the room with it's vivid colors.

A couple of my embroidery pieces hang just above the little table.

This antique hung in the front entrance hall of my parents' home. It moved with them several times and now resides with us. It was one of those things my Mom insisted we keep. Sweet memories.

Another little bit of Mom's handwork for the bedroom door. Let's check out the master bedroom.

My husband made the quilt-stand and Mom made the quilts. All except for one. I actually made a sampler quilt all by myself.

Little Bo Peep and her sheep have been with me my whole life. I think they're sweeter than sweet. The little chair is a pin cushion. The seat lifts so you can store little odds and ends inside. My Aunt Fannie is the creator of this one. I'm not sure which of my grandmothers crocheted the little doily. I have lots of them! In fact my linen closet shelves are filled with doilies, crocheted bedspreads, table clothes, towels and pillows the gifted women in my family fashioned. It's a joy to hold in my hands those things made by hands we can no longer touch.

This old rocking chair belonged to my Grandmother (My Mom's mother). She died when I was two, so I don't have any real memories of her - just those contained in small black and white photos. This chair is so dear to me. I crocheted the granny afghan.

I know what you're thinking. This master bedroom is definitely overcrowded. I agree. And we're not finished yet. This old school desk came with us from a little one-room school house in Upstate New York. The wooden box on top is an antique music box. My Mom always tells me, when I was a little girl I used to stand on it and watch out the window for my Dad to come home from work. I actually remember that.

This beautiful painting is above my dresser. Our family friend, Jane, painted it. She is a wonderfully talented artist. She lives in England and visited us here in Texas several years ago. We had such fun.

In the far corner we have the cradle. When my Mom delivered a little "surprise" in her forties, long after we thought our family complete, my Dad made him a cradle. Two more generations of babies have napped there. I'm looking forward to a certain little grandson giving it a whirl.

There you have it - decorating by Linda. The day may come when we move things around a bit, but there just isn't one of these treasures I can part with for now. Some day, I hope, they will live in other homes where they will be loved.