Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The "Dailiness" of Life

I wonder if anyone else has ever felt this way. I woke up the other day and thought, “Oh Lord, I just can’t do another day of the same old thing.” Something deep inside my spirit was just tired of the same old routine. 

As often happens to me lately, the portion I was reading in my “Hinds Feet on High Places” devotional spoke about that very thing. Much-Afraid had just weathered a terrible storm in her journey up to the High Places. It was fierce and terrifying and had lasted for many days, but she had come through it with her faith intact and feeling much stronger. After the storm, she continued on her journey with her faithful companions Suffering and Sorrow. Before they had gone very far along the path they found themselves surrounded by a thick mist that seemed to obliterate everything from sight. It never varied from one day to the next. “In some ways the dangers of the storm had stimulated her; now there was nothing but tameness, just a trudge, trudge forward, day after day, able to see nothing except for white, clinging mist which hung about the mountain without a gleam of sunshine breaking through. At last she burst out impatiently, ‘Will this dull, dreary mist never lift, I wonder?’”

No sooner had Much-Afraid uttered those words than her old enemy Resentment spoke up – taunting her with words meant to discourage her from continuing the journey altogether. If that wasn’t bad enough, Self-Pity had soon put her two cents in as well. Suddenly Much-Afraid had gone from victory in the storm to discouragement. She began to doubt that she was even on the right path.

This is all a pretty fair description of how I was feeling that day. Sometimes the “dailiness’ of life just wears us down. I have heard the voices of Resentment and Self-Pity ringing in my ears. If I allow them to drown out the still, small voice residing within in me, I find myself discouraged and filled with doubt just like little Much-Afraid. 

Are You here Lord Jesus as I go through another day that looks very much like the one before and all the others stretching out as far as I can see? Am I on the right path? When I prepare another meal, make another bed, do another load of laundry, shop for groceries yet again, wash the dishes, iron the clothes, does it count?

In the quiet, I hear the whispered reply, “As you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto Me.” I feel the warmth of His approval. Surely I am on the right path, the path He has chosen for me. I may feel as though I am not making any progress (not doing any great and glorious things for the kingdom), but as long as I am in the place He wants me to be all is well.

This is a repost from nearly nine years ago. It seemed appropriate for today.