Wednesday, September 21, 2016

When Life Doesn't Make Sense

"I am taking care of you. I know how hard this is to believe when conditions that are troubling you get worse instead of better. It's easy to feel as if I am letting you down - as if I really don't care about what you're going through. You know I could instantly change your circumstances, and you can't understand why I seem to be so unresponsive to your prayers…

To become aware of My loving Presence you need to relax and stop trying to control things. Give up your futile efforts to think your way through your problems…Cease striving and simply enjoy being in My Presence. Though there are many things you don't understand, you can rest in My unfailing love…

Although My ways may be mysterious and unfathomable, My Love is perfect and everlasting."

Jesus Today   Sarah Young

May you rest in His unfailing love today friends,