Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Story Behind the Story and Some Chapters

I want to thank everyone for the kind, encouraging words that have made their way onto my FB page and into my heart over the past few days. I am overwhelmed by your love and generosity.

This little story began years and years ago, when I bought a book on how to write mysteries. I read the book but didn't do anything with it for a very long time. I just kept reading mysteries - which I love (the cozy kind - not big on blood and gore) - and imagining stories and characters.

Over the course of those years, we went through some very difficult times. You know - those faith-stretching seasons where you suddenly find yourself doubting everything you ever knew and wondering where to go from here.

When I finally came through on the other side, I had some deep truths imbedded in my heart I felt I wanted to share with others - an encouragement in some small way. I did write a few blog posts, but all the while a story was forming - one that would incorporate what I had learned in a cozy mystery. Once I had the idea, the characters presented themselves bringing with them their own stories.

I've had stories floating around in my imagination since I was a little girl. I didn't write them down. We "acted" them out. I can remember racing to get home from school so my friends and I could continue the most recent adventure I had concocted. Or getting my little sister to play out the stories of my imagination with our dolls or perhaps our paper dolls. Thinking back - I was really kind of bossy about the whole thing. And they were so kind.

I began to write the story a couple of years ago. I worked by myself for a long time and before long realized writing is a much more complicated business than I had imagined. I contacted Ann Kroeker and asked her to be my writing coach. Best thing I could have done. Her expertise and encouragement made a huge difference. Before long, I had an actual manuscript.

With Ann's help I began sending the manuscript to a agents and publishers. Insert crickets chirping!

In typical (for me) fashion, I let discouragement overwhelm me and tucked the book away. I thought it would just sit there forever. Never mind the stories of how many rejections now famous authors have gotten. I had had enough. I obviously don't have a lot of gumption.

However, right from the beginning I had bathed this book in prayer. I knelt by my desk chair before I began tapping keys and asked the Lord to help me tell the story. Now I felt as though I was letting Him down. I decided to investigate self-publishing. Since I am not at all skilled in all things computer, I decided to look for expert help. Charity Singleton Craig came to my rescue and brought my book to "life."

So here we are. I'm attaching the first six chapters of the book in case you'd like to see what it's all about. Just click on the title here: Sleeping Dogs. I hope you enjoy it: