Sunday, January 15, 2017

Forty Days

The announcement came last weekend at church - 40 days of prayer and fasting beginning January 16th. It is, of course, strictly voluntary and can be adjusted in any way one feels led: one day a week, a few days a week, every day for the 40 day period. The fast need not necessarily be from food. It could be a tv show, phone/game apps - anything the Lord places on your heart.

In place of whatever it is you choose "take that time to read the Bible, pray, journal and focus on a closer walk with Jesus, asking God to do something in your life or in the life of someone else."

Our Pastor had barely finished telling us about the fast before I felt that familiar nudge in my spirit. I squirmed a little, but I knew. Truthfully, I had struggled for weeks with this - knowing it had gotten out of balance (yet again) in my life.

I've been feeling "unmoored" for weeks - sitting in my little "boat" while the waves and tides carried me wherever they wished - frittering away the hours. I haven't been able to settle: can't find a good book I want to read, stuck on a knitting project, undecided about writing another book, wondering "what to do now" with the little book I released out into the world two months ago, burdened for loved ones who are struggling.

Instead of doing something constructive, I sit on the couch, turn on the laptop and lose myself for hours at a time (It stings a bit to admit that!) - immediately followed by all the guilt and promises to do better tomorrow.

Yes - I knew exactly what that little nudge meant - no Facebook for 40 days. Still makes me squirm a little. I can think of all the reasons I need to at least check it periodically - none of them good enough.

So here we go. I'll leave my page up and will link my blog posts, but I won't be doing anything else on FB. If there is something important I need to know, please PM me or send an email. I'll check my small Instagram account to keep in touch with family - and that's it!

Keep me accountable friends. If you see me poking around, feel free to give me a talking to. I need this - my soul needs this. What a coincidence our Pastor has prayerfully decided to do this just when I need it most!