Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Look Up!

Walking has been my exercise of choice for many years. I've tried other things, but they never lasted for very long. I have always come back to stepping out into the clear fresh air and onto the quiet little streets of our country sub-division. Most days a breeze sets the grasses in the fields and the branches of the trees dancing to the sweet melody of birdsong. If I have eyes to see, there are miracles all around me. However...

I have a terrible habit. I look down at the ground as I walk. All the articles on walking for exercise tell you to walk with your head held high and eyes straight ahead. I try hard to remember to do it, but minutes into my walk I realize I'm concentrating on the few feet of road right in front of me. 

I see asphalt, dirt, dead leaves, rocks, a stick or two - my own feet. You may think it nothing to fret about. At least I won't trip over something and fall flat on my face. In fact, I nearly stepped on a small snake one of the times I actually was looking straight ahead! But that is of little consequence. What is an occasional snake compared to the beauty all around and over me?

When I catch myself with bent head and force myself to look up, I feel a mixture of wonder and regret. Regret for all I've been missing and wonder at all the delightful things right in front of me - billowing clouds, green fields, looping butterflies, field grass swaying with the breeze swirling around me, puddles filled with sunlit diamonds, wildflowers peeking their tiny heads above the fresh green grass and home with its ancient oaks standing sentinel. If I tilt my head a little more there is a breathtaking glimpse of heaven - radiant and full of promise. Peace washes over my soul.

If I'm not careful, if I get caught up in the dailiness of life, I find my view becomes very narrow. I walk through my days, head down, eyes focused on all of the things I'm trying desperately to control...

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