Tuesday, July 31, 2018


I am totally obnoxious about my lantana, singing their praises and showing them off to anyone and everyone. I can't help myself. They sit there in all their colorful, abundant glory and preach me a sermon or two whenever I look at them.

 I don't have pictures of them as they looked a few weeks ago They were definitely too sad and ugly for that. For the second year in a row their new leaves turned black and dry early in the season - not a bloom in sight. Nothing I did helped, and I vowed to dig them up just as soon as the temperatures dipped below 100 degrees. I didn't even want to look at them.

And then...then green leaves appeared, and they began to bloom. Bloom - with bright colorful flowers. I couldn't believe it. I dragged my husband outside to look - over and over again as more and more blooms appeared.

"Look," they whisper. "Even when the dream seems to have withered and died all is not lost. Hope still lives - new life just below the surface."