Sunday, April 5, 2020

Letter From Home

Dear Ones,

We send you love and prayers on this Palm Sunday afternoon. Everything seems to have an edge of unreality to it. A year ago who would have imagined our church families sitting at home and having Palm Sunday services on-line? While we miss everyone, we're thankful we can still be together in spirit. Our church leaders are doing such a good job of keeping us close in spite of "social distancing."

We're entering our fourth week of staying close to home. I saw a post on instagram that said something like: I'm getting 3 weeks per gallon with my car these days. That's pretty much it for us. We've taken one short trip to the gas station to get gas for the mower (Steve did have to mow again.) and another yesterday to put the monthly bills in the Post Office box. A ride to look at the wild flowers made for a nice break, but we have no plans to go anywhere else. Our son and granddaughters are coming this afternoon with our grocery pick-up order. We're so thankful for their help, and it will be so good to see him and the girls in person (at a distance - of course).

It's been hard not being able to visit Mom at her Assisted Living. Especially so because her hearing, even with hearing aids, is so bad. We end up shouting into the phone and often she still isn't able to hear us. Every once in a while it goes well, and I wish I could figure out what the magic formula is. They have taken even stricter measures at the Assisted Living. In addition to no visiting, there will  only be three drop-off days and even that will be closely monitored. I do appreciate all that they're doing. They are such a wonderful, caring group of people.

We've been faithfully taking daily walks. It poured yesterday, but we armed ourselves with umbrellas and bravely set forth! It lightened up as we walked and even stopped before we got home. We've had several rainy days, but there were a couple of beautiful sunny days in-between. We've become very fond of sitting on our front porch. There is a certain peace that comes sitting quietly listening to the birds cheerfully calling to one another. It's a sweet reminder that the One who cares for them is also caring for us.

I've done more cooking and baking in the past few weeks than I have in a long time. We may have to lengthen our daily walks to keep from gaining weight. Somehow afternoon tea just isn't complete without something sweet to go along with it.

I have my temporary crown and am being very careful not to chew on that side. It was eerily quiet in the dentist's office - just me, my dentist, his dental assistant (who happens to be his wife), and the receptionist. Just outside his office a long line, with people standing six feet apart, wound its way to the HEB grocery store just a few doors down. It all seemed so strange.

Watching the videos of people helping each other has brought me to tears. It's heart-warming to see the way so many are reaching out to those who are in need. The genuine gratitude shown to our health care workers in such creative ways gives me such hope. I believe we will all come out of this season changed.

You are all in our hearts and prayers. For those who have lost loved ones, we pray His peace and comfort; for those who are ill, we pray for healing; for those who are suffering financially, we pray His provision; for all of us we pray His protection.

This is Holy Week. In spite of the very real suffering all around us, may we look with eyes of gratitude at all that the Lord has done for us.

 "He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things?"  Romans 8:32
Much love,