Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Plan

I’m one who likes to know where we’re headed. Just let me know the plan, and I can get myself prepared for all possible contingencies. Better yet - give me a reliable guide who knows the way. I’m a pretty decent follower.
Nobody has given us a plan for the journey we’ve been on for the past few months. It has been fraught with one difficulty after another. I sometimes think I see the end just up ahead only to find it only stretches farther out of sight.
Our hope, our consolation can only be found in the One who knows the beginning and the end - the One who has a good plan. When we struggle to find our way, we can place our hands in His strong grasp and trust Him to show us the way. No matter what difficulties we encounter He will stay with us. He offers to take the burdens we carry - the fears and worries- and in exchange give us His peace.

He gives strength for the journey and hope for a future.