Tuesday, January 5, 2021

A New Year

We enter this new year with what surely must be a world-wide wish that it will be better than the one we've just come through. We would like nothing more than to leave behind the fear, worry, grief, weariness and loss we've all experienced to one degree or another. Life has changed in more ways than we could have imagined, and it's hard to remember the way things used to be.

They come every winter, and this year they have come in astounding numbers. Our little piece of Texas earth has been filled with robins - eating, flitting and resting. This morning I ran from window to window marveling at their numbers. They didn't hurry off today still feeding and mingling until well into the evening. 

Their coming always reminds me of the miracle of creation and the wonder of God's faithfulness. They have come so far at just the right time - a wonder. 

It's true - we all want this year to be better. We long for healing, hope and community; for justice, truth and love. We long for things to change. We have quietly slipped into days labeled "2021."We pray and hope and wait for all things to be made new.

Perhaps it would do us well to remember those things that haven't changed - those things that will never change. The One who sends the robins on their annual journey south remains the same. He is still our hope and peace, our sure foundation. His promises to be with us, to bear our burdens, to weep with us when we weep and comfort us in our sorrow never fail. We can trust His word and believe Him when He assures us He is in control - that He loves us with immeasurable love and has our good in mind - even when circumstances would suggest otherwise. Our doubts and fears don't put upset Him. He understands. 

Most precious of all, I think, is the unchanging truth that in Him we have the hope (the confident expectation) of eternal life in heaven with Him. He is with us as we wait in that hope - making all things new.