Friday, January 7, 2022


 We took a ride to Canyon Dam one spring afternoon and were quickly captivated by the beauty all around us. Either side of the dam offers breathtaking views with the lake on one side and gently rolling hills dotted with farms houses and a tiny church on the other. We decided it would be a lovely place to take our daily walk and began the next day. 

Over time I came to know the changing "faces" of the lake - reflecting the influences of the differing conditions of the sky and the strength of the ever-present wind. 

Under clear skies the water sparkles a radiant blue. 

When clouds hang thick and low, it becomes a sullen gray. 

Some days the wind dances across the water leaving in its wake ripples and little waves capped in white. 

I enjoy seeing the affect the weather has on the lake. One never knows from one day to the next quite what to expect. However, change can sometimes be an unsettling thing. As I walk across the dam, I often think of the One who created all of this beauty and am thankful that He never changes. I don't have to wonder from one day to the next how He will feel about things or, thankfully, how He will feel about me. 

The things I do (or don't do), the unwelcome thoughts that pass like swift arrows through my mind, the sometimes messy state of my heart, and a myriad of other things - none of it changes His love for me. Nor does it change His holiness or limit His power. He remains a firm foundation on which I can build a life.

I believe, for most of us, the desire of our hearts is to be like Him - to love well, to remain faithful, to live with integrity in spite of the changing circumstances surrounding us. We needn't be discouraged when we fall short. This is a life-long journey, and we travel with One who never changes.