Friday, July 29, 2022

Distilled Days


I look at the faces of these dear little great-granddaughters and can’t help but think about the way that life for them is distilled down to the very basics. They are loved, fed, clothed and sheltered; their days are filled with absorbing life around them and learning how to navigate their way through this wide, new world. 

My days, too, in my seventh decade have become distilled. In spite of their sameness (because of our age and a couple of serious health issues we continue to live cautiously), the gift of them is filled with wonder and grace. We are loved, fed, clothed, sheltered and well cared for. 

I find,too, in the noise and confusion from what seems like every corner of our world - the cacophony of voices shouting over one another with little time given to listening - I long for the distillation of simple truth. 

I want my life to stand on the solid foundation of the truth found only in the Word of God. There all arguing ceases and the echoes of opposing voices fade away into silence. There I find peace and hope and a love that sustains me. There I find the sure path to gently travel this winter season of my life. 

This gift of truth that never changes no matter how they try to twist and force it into a shape it simply will not hold, becomes more precious with every swiftly passing day. 

“Unfailing love and truth have met together.
    Righteousness and peace have kissed!”

Psalm 85:10