Tuesday, July 11, 2023


In my youth I subscribed to a few rather prideful ideas, one had to do with aging. Oh, thought I, those older people may begin to show unmistakeable signs of aging, but I will age gracefully. For one thing, I won’t ever need glasses. All those jokes about people’s arms not being long enough to read the print won’t prove true for me. I have really great vision.

Several decades and a pair of progressive lenses later, I sheepishly acknowledged the ignorance of youth. 

I have found it applicable to my spiritual life as well. As a young girl I saw only sunshine and flowers. Life looked like a fairy tale to this overly imaginative child. 

However, several decades later, I have found, to my dismay, my optimistic outlook  has changed dramatically. My focus has shifted to all the difficulties and heartaches. Life has loomed large, and I find I have become prone to looking at my circumstances to the exclusion of everything else. I walk weighed down by fear and anxiety - until I am reminded to shift my gaze. 

A song, a devotional, a verse of scripture, and I find the eyes of my heart turning to look at the One I know holds me close. He comes quietly reminding me of the ways He has blessed. His faithfulness, His presence, His peace, are but a portion of the goodness He wants to pour into my life. At times He dramatically intervenes while at other times He walks with me through the difficult circumstances. But always - He is there. I simply need to open the eyes of my heart - to put on my spiritual glasses.