Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Joy and Sorrow

 Just a short time ago we celebrated a wedding in our family, our hearts filled with joy and thanks.  It came as a gentle respite in the midst of the inevitable difficulties of life. 

There are days when the beliefs we have held dear come into question. The head knows the “right” answers, but the heart cries out those questions we thought we had long ago laid to rest. We know it's all right to ask, and it isn't so much the doubting as the longing to feel, in a tangible way, Love reaching out to us.

"I need to know You are real - to hear Your voice and feel Your touch."

And isn't this just the measure of life with its mixture of joy and sorrow? If I am left to walk this path, with it's high mountains and low valleys without something firm beneath my feet, I am in constant danger of falling into despair.

The truth, the truth my heart knows in its very deepest places, is this. He is my firm foundation. He walks with me through the peaks and valleys and never once turns away. He promises joy for my sorrow and good out of pain. I believe Him - even in those moments when I don't believe.

God is good. All the time. It can come glibly to the lips, but when the darkness falls and everything we believe comes into question, the heart knows it is true. We aren't trusting in platitudes to make us feel better. We are resting in Love itself.