Saturday, August 26, 2023

Encouraging Words For the Weekend

 May your weekend be filled with beauty and wonder, laughter and good conversation, peaceful rest and quiet moments, friends. 

Perhaps in those quiet moments you will think deeply about things like truth and God’s word. I hope these quotes encourage and bless. 

“I believe that the Bible is to be understood and received in the plain and obvious meaning of its passages; for I cannot persuade myself that a book intended for the instruction and conversion of the whole world should cover its true meaning in any such mystery and doubt that none but critics and philosophers can discover it.”

Daniel Webster

"We all therefore have to face this ultimate and final question: Do we accept the Bible as the word of God, as the sole authority in all matters of faith and practice, or do we not? Is the whole of my thinking governed by scripture, or do I come with my reason and pick and choose out of scripture and sit in judgement upon it, putting myself and modern knowledge forward as the ultimate standard and authority? The issue is crystal clear. Do I accept scripture as a revelation from God, or do I trust to speculation, human knowledge, human learning, human understanding and human reasons? Or, putting it still more simply, do I pin my faith to, and subject all my thinking to, what I read in the Bible? Or do I defer to modern knowledge, to modern learning, to what people think today, to what we know at this present time which was not known in the past? It is inevitable that we occupy one or the other of those two positions."

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

"For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass away from the Law, until all is accomplished."

Jesus - Matthew 5:18