Sunday, May 3, 2009

Early Mother's Day

On friday we celebrated Mother's Day - just a bit early. My husband and I are leaving for California on saturday and won't be home on May 10th. I failed to realize that fact when planning our vacation.

My daughter suggested we "girls" celebrate a little ahead of time so that we wouldn't miss out altogether. So friday afternoon she drove here and then we drove together to Mom/Grandma's house.

We had a delicious lunch at The Olive Garden - with fabulous desserts (my stomach was so full I could hardly move, but I managed that chocolate tart!). Then we did a little shopping.

It was a lovely day spent with my two best friends. They both inspire me in ways I cannot begin to describe. Their strength, inner beauty, courage, faith, wisdom and selfless love all bring such richness to my life. I am blessed with priceless treasures.

I wish you all a love-filled Mother's Day.